Older homes usually cannot be fitted with standard windows. Most carpentry is custom-made by an experienced professional. Available in various materials offering an authentic or modern appearance, POLAND made-to-measure renovation windows are the focal point of the facade, especially if they are coordinated with the entrance and garage doors.

Having a made-to-measure window estimate POLAND is essential since the cost of the work generally reaches several hundred euros.

The cost of a made-to-measure POLAND window starts at €150 to reach €450 including tax and more, installation not included, depending on the level of the range.
When buying a made-to-measure POLAND window, the owner must compare the services and prices and check the professional's know-how. By reading this article from the window price guide, he not only has the opportunity to explore market prices but also to compare materials and manufacturing techniques.

Price of a made-to-measure window POLAND: particularities of these windows
POLAND made-to-measure windows are renovation windows, produced according to standards and adapted to old buildings. The work obviously includes the installation of the new window but also the removal of the old carpentry.
The most common materials for windows to be made by licensed carpenters or aluminum workers are wood, aluminum, PVC and composite. These windows are designed in a single material or are hybrid: wood and aluminum or wood and PVC. The type of glazing will depend on the level of insulation, brightness and comfort. The type of opening is also to be taken into consideration since it influences the budget: fixed, hinged or sliding, the made-to-measure window fits perfectly into all architectures. If it is a roof window, the concept is a little more advanced. The made-to-measure window is either fixed, or opening by projection, or opening by rotation.

As for the energy performance generated by the perfect alliance between the frame and the glazing, they will make it possible to determine whether the owner can claim state aid and under what conditions.

Finally, be aware that the lead time can be quite long and depends on the order book of the professional you have hired. It is on average one and a half to two months.

Price of a made-to-measure window POLAND: why a professional installation?
There are two reasons for buying made-to-measure windows POLAND: either you do not want to modify the existing frame, or you dream of personalized windows with special features. Modifying the building means reworking the masonry and sometimes the structural work. The work can then be very expensive and particularly long to complete.

In both cases, installation by a professional is essential. This type of installation on old buildings requires vigilance on two main points: sealing and integration of the window either in the wall or in the roof. Indeed, the carpentry can only be effective and allow real energy savings if its frame fits perfectly into the planned frame or into the header.

The carpenter and the professional expert in the installation of windows employed, for example, by a large DIY store, calculate with precision the installation of the various elements and the interior trim. The craftsman and the construction worker are both qualified to carry out an installation according to the rules, respecting the materials commonly used in old goods. These materials generally vary depending on the region and the architectural style.
Price of a made-to-measure window ROMANIA: price variations
The POLAND bespoke window quote is the only document capable of providing an accurate price and reliable information on the quality of the window installed. However, it is possible to list the various parameters that influence the price of a made-to-measure window.

The making of a made-to-measure window is carried out with different elements: the price of the frame, the glazing, the frames, the handle, etc. will add up to arrive at the final price offered to the customer. The quality of these elements, their properties, their aesthetics will be decisive for the price, as will the time spent assembling them and the hourly rate charged by the professional.

After the manufacture comes the installation: the difficulty of the site, the work prior to the installation or the need to add new elements will be taken into account to set a price for the made-to-measure window. To this price will be added an amount of VAT which may be 5.5%, 10% or 20% depending on the nature of the work and the age of the premises.

In short, the price of a custom PVC window is lower than the price of a custom aluminum window or the price of a custom wood window.

Similarly, the price of a made-to-measure single-glazed renovation window is lower than the price of a made-to-measure double-glazed window. The cost of buying a custom window depends largely on its materials.

Thus, the price of installing a window can vary greatly from one craftsman to another and the production of an estimate is mandatory to precisely define a budget. To calculate the price of your new window and establish a custom window quote, you will therefore have to take into account the price of the window, the price of labor and the amount of related taxes.P
Price of a made-to-measure window in POLAND: some average prices
The cost of a made-to-measure window is determined by different selection criteria and certain options. It is important to differentiate between the prices of made-to-measure pvc windows POLAND, the prices of made-to-measure aluminum windows and the prices of made-to-measure wooden windows, but also the prices of made-to-measure single-glazed windows and the prices of double-glazed windows on -measure. To compare custom window costs, be sure to compare to similar size and features.

The first price distinction is made by observing the type of glazing.

The price of single glazing is between €65 and €80 including tax and that of double glazing between €150 and €280 including tax, without installation.
The second distinction is between the different materials available on the market.

The price of a made-to-measure PVC window is on average between €150 and €250 including tax.
The price of a custom-made wooden window varies from €250 to more than €500 including tax.
Often higher, the price of a made-to-measure aluminum window ranges from €350 to more than €980.
Finally, a final distinction is made between fixed windows and windows with openings.

The cost of a double glazed window
fixed measure starts at around €150 but can go up to €1,000 including tax and more.

The price of a made-to-measure hinged renovation window ranges from €150 to €350,
the price of a made-to-measure sliding window starts at a minimum of €250 including tax.
Hybrid windows are generally more expensive. The price of a made-to-measure wood-aluminium window is between €600 and €5,000 for certain top-of-the-range models. Manufacturing is more complex and this type of window has the properties of both materials used.

If the installation is carried out by a professional, the labor must be added to the total amount of the supplies. Count from €40 to €120 for the removal of a window and from €70 to €200 including tax for the installation of the new model. Prices are compared from one locality to another, taking into account the figures recorded in the region.
The cost of a made-to-measure POLAND window is increased or amortized by VAT.

The VAT rate varies first of all according to the age of the house or apartment: a property dating back more than two years allows you to benefit from the intermediate rate of 10% or the reduced rate of 5.5% if the professional in charge of the installation is a qualified craftsman RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment) and if the glazing meets certain performance criteria.

The 5.5% VAT rate is granted according to the energy performance of the window: for a standard or made-to-measure window, the Uw coefficient must be less than or equal to 1.3 W/m².K and the Sw coefficient greater than or equal to 0.3.

A Uw coefficient less than or equal to 1.7 W/m².K and a Sw coefficient greater than or equal to 0.36 may also be accepted depending on the destination of the window.

For replacement glazing with reinforced insulation, the Ug coefficient must be less than or equal to 1.1 W/m².K. In the case of roof windows, the Uw coefficient must be equal to or less than 1.5 W/m².K and Sw must be greater than or equal to 0.36.

The replacement of old single-glazed windows with high-performance double or triple-glazed windows no longer makes it possible to obtain state aid such as the CITE outside the quotes signed and accepted before June 30, 2018 (15% on the amount invested) . The eco-ptz may possibly be requested but only as part of a package of works or works to reduce the overall performance of the accommodation.